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2008.04.15. 21:53 kompi

Jet Lee in Chinese epic - The Warlords trailer

The Warlords (Tau ming chong)

Genre: History/War/Drama
ImdB Rating: 7.4
RDirector: Peter Chan
Cast: Jet Li, Andy Lau, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Jinglei Xu

Imperial General Pang Qingyun (Jet Li) survives a battle which wiped out his whole battalian. As he climbed out from the bodies lying dead in the battlefield, his numbed mind, deadened to life, he wanders around and ends up following a stranger (Jinglei Xu) who stops when she realizes that she's being followed. Pang continues moving forward and faints from hunger. The stranger takes him into a home and feeds him. In the middle of the night, she gets into his bed and they had sex. By morning, she has gone, but Pang regains his strength and his will to live. Jiang Wuyang (Takeshi Kaneshiro) is amongst those distributing food to the poor when he chanced upon Pang and they get into a fight. Apparently Jiang is testing Pang's skills and is impressed, and he brings Pang back to see "big brother" Zhao Erhu (Andy Lau). Here, Pang meets the lady stranger who fed him earlier, Lian (Jinglei Xu) and they exchange glances, and later they meet in secret where he finds out more about her background.

Poster:  1   2   3   4

The Warlords trailers and stills:

Extended trailer:

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