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2008.09.10. 09:42 kompi

Will Smith is NOT Captain America

Everybody calm down - Will Smith will NOT TO BE Captain Amerika. Denzel Washington does. (Muhaha - i'm very funny today:D)Several Days before Captain America Fans got a Heart Attack because Derek Luke tells, that that Marvel has offered the part of Star Roll of the Movie to Will Smith. (I dont…

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2008.09.06. 14:00 kompi

Spiderman does not Reboot

I really think, that Spiderman needs a Reboot too, but the owners of the franchise doesn't. At first about the confirmed casting: Tobey Maguire and director Sam Raimi both will be returning. That seems to be sure. And Kirsten Dunst? Maybe..And Mary Jane Watson will be coming back as well. If Kirsten…

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